This is "YUM!", my newest illustration work.

I created it to express my strong condemnation and opposition to the Japanese government's irresponsible decision on discharging more than 1.25 million tonnes of contaminated radioactive wastewater in Fukushima Prefecture into the sea.

The Japanese government's reckless decision is trifling with the safety of all human lives, and it's literally going to drop a nuclear bomb to our global marine ecosystem.

This is a very serious and urgent environmental crisis. For the sake of our own future and the future of all other species who are sharing this blue planet with us, people around the world must join hands to stop Japan from creating a manmade environmental catastrophe.

Hopefully this work can raise more people's environmental awareness on this matter. Thank you for viewing.

I highly recommend you to watch CGTN's Xinjiang anti-terrorism documentary series. This documentary series profoundly exposes the harm of religious extremist ideology, as well as the internal and external challenges Xinjiang anti-terrorism is facing. 

It is the consensus of every country in the world to protect people's lives, resolutely fight against terrorism and ensure that terrorism has no place in the world.

China government has made great efforts to safeguard regional stability, prosperity and development of Xinjiang and the safety of its people. The establishment of vocational training and education centers is one of the important measures. By equipping the people of Xinjiang with the knowledge and skills to make a living, it protects them from extremist ideology, improves their living standards and greatly increases their happiness. In the past four years, there has not been a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang, and the people in Xinjiang live a stable, safe and happy life. This is the direct proof that the anti-terrorism work in Xinjiang is successful and on the right track.

The West is well aware of this, yet it repeatedly fabricates lies about the so-called "human rights issue" in Xinjiang, and even defames the vocational education and training centers as "concentration camps" and our poverty alleviation programs as "forced labor." It publishes all kinds of disgusting, shameful and false news. This is a grave insult to the people of Xinjiang, to those who give their hearts and lives working on the frontline of counter-terrorism, and to the 1.4 billion Chinese people. We will never allow these shameless acts to defile our divine and beautiful Xinjiang, our great motherland and the pure and kind-hearted Chinese people of all nationalities.

A word of advice to the west, stop your bullshit lies about our Xinjiang, if you really care about human rights, take a look in the mirror at the minorities in your own countries and those who "can't breathe".






I'm currently joining the Online Exhibition "Infinite Dreams" hosted by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine. Thank you Contemporary Art Curator for this great opportunity, the profile looks great ❤️

This is my exhibitor page:

Welcome to visit it and give me supports by liking and sharing, thanks a lot guys, enjoy! 😘

Happy Year of the Ox everyone!🐂

Finally, I finished this work right before China Lunar New Year's Eve. Woohoo!🎉

I want to create a very special and festive piece to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox, so I've spent quite a long time on this creation and added in quite an insane amount of details. Every element on this image is able to stand alone as an independent art piece. For example, the scroll in the center itself is a detailed work of Chinese traditional painting. Honestly, I'm quite happy with the outcome.😁

I want to use this work to wish you guys a wonderful Year of the Ox, may health, happiness and prosperity be with you always!

Hope you enjoy this New Year's Picture, see you in the Year of the Ox! 🏮❤️

终于在年廿九完成了这幅牛年年画,开心!😁 这是一幅画中有画、非常喜庆的作品,而且为了使画中的每一个元素都可以独立成章,做到细节能够无限放大,我在这幅年画的创作上花费了蛮长的时间。举个例子吧,画面正中央的卷轴挂图,它本身就是一幅独立而精细的中国国画作品。


Welcome to follow my WeChat Official Account: momomengart

We've made through the rugged year 2020, now together, let's make 2021 a year full of hopes. Happy New Year everyone, may health, happiness and love surround you and your family always! See you in 2021, all the best! ❤️





My animated series ”大捣蛋小姐妹“ (YogaMasker & Bikini Kitty) has been officially lauched in the WeChat Sticker Gallery and GIPHY! Wish my YogaMasker and Bikini Kitty could bring joy and happiness into your life.

喜欢这个表情系列吗?在微信表情商店搜索“大捣蛋小姐妹”或者Momo Meng,或者扫以上二维码,即可找到这套表情包。 国外社交平台用户GIF搜索 "momomeng", 即可看到这一整套动图。祝大家发图愉快哟。

Do you like this sticker series? If so , search "大捣蛋小姐妹" or "Momo Meng" in the WeChat Sticker Gallery , or scan the QR code above, you can immdediately have it on your palm. GIPHY powers platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. GIF search "momomeng", you would find this whole series. Happy GIF chatting everyone!


Next year the Global Art Agency(GAA) is gonna publish an art book called "Contemporary Art of Excellence Volume IV". As a featured artist in this book, recently I've been interviewed by the GAA, and the content of the interview has been published on their web page below. I think my answers are pretty interesting😜 Please visit the site and make sure to give me a thumb up, thanks a lot for your support! 😘

Thank you so much GAA team Global Art Agency for this fantastic opportunity! The page looks awesome, and I'm honoured to be featured on the CAE book! ❤️

Recently I've received this beauty from Capsules Book, it's called the Curatorial Volume.2 Leaders in Contemporary Art. I' m so proud to be a featured artist in it standing among all these fabulous talents.😍

Look, my avatar kitty-bunny assassin is on it as well, haha. 😁

Thank you so much Capsules Book Team for this wonderful opportunity and your fantastic work and massive help, I' m looking forward to working with you again in the future. Also to everyone who is reading this post, wish you and your family health and happiness. Take care!😘

So amazing to see my works and my thoughts being featured on the 2020 June issue of OX MAGAZINE and Oxford International Art Fair 2021 Report.

Thank you so much OX Magazine, Global Art Agency, Oxford Art Fair 2021
and lovely Ms. Sarah Pracey for these awesome opportunities! I'm extremely grateful for your help, you guys rock!

I'm working on a very interesting new project, it carries massive amount of details and information, hopefully I could unveil it shortly.

Okay, visit links below to check out my features and my little interview, enjoy and thank you!

真开心,昨天收到消息我的一篇采访在牛津的OX MAGAZINE六月份杂志上作为精选艺术人进行了刊载。三月时我的一幅作品也在牛津国际艺术展前瞻新闻里被精选推荐,我自己到现在才知道,哈哈哈。可以在以下网页看到详细的采访内容:

Today we deeply mourn the martyrs and compatriots who lost their lives during the fight against COVID-19.🙏🌼

Three important points:

  1. A disease can break out in any part of the world. Viruses don't care about borders.

  2. The real issue of the day: how to save lives.

  3. Those who abuse their power to advocate harmful ideas are the ones who should really apologize!

Watch this video!

我想抱抱你们,可爱的人儿。❤️ 二零二零年二月绘于中国广州。


诚心祝愿患者快快康复,愿一线医护人员,还有所有为维护公众卫生健康而尽责尽力不眠不休的后方支援人们平安幸福。🙏 因为有你们,在这至暗的时刻我们才能看见一丝曙光和希望,衷心地感谢你们。


Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide please have a look at Alibaba’s sourcing platform !Thank you!🙏🌹 Please also help us share this information!

Registration system for donating medical protective gears to Wuhan:

There are 4 overseas warehouses for accepting donation gears, one in Japan, one in The Netherlands, two in the US. Please pick the closest one near you, if you need more information please contact  the personnel below the registration form.Instructions of donation process:
詳盡的境外捐贈醫療物資去武漢的清關流程指南。 有資源的朋友們請幫幫忙,讓我們的醫務人員得到最大的保護!

Thank you very much! ️

My response to a person’s comment on Instagram:

First of all, our government and I’m sure all the western medias are openly admitting we are facing a serious situation, no one is denying that. We Chinese citizens everyone everyday receives 5 up messages from our local government, CDC, telling us to remain calm, reduce public activities,frequently wash hands, wear mask in any public areas like buses, subway, stores and so on.

We have 527 cured cases so far, 166 more than death cases, have you been informed of that? Use only 8 days finish building a hospital capacity of 1000 Patients; facing a situation severe like this, all cities remain in order, living supplies remain sufficient. China has a huge population, half month ago happened to be the travel peak of China New Year. Can you imagine the difficulty we’re facing? If your country stands in the same situation like ours, can you guarantee all your citizens remain calm? Have you seen the efforts our government and our citizens make? On one charity channel only, “Tencent Charity”, 455 millions CNY have been donated by common citizens including myself to support the fight against the virus.

No solution is perfect in situation like this. There are rotten apples yes, and they’re severely condemned by our domestic public opinions. But for most of us, we’re simply doing the best we can to help at this moment. You have all the rights to speak your opinions, but fact is, you’re not here, your resources all come from the internet, you don’t directly feel the situation like us do. It’s easy to point fingers over the internet, but if you have time to do that, why not spend some time to think about how you can help.

Happy New Year everyone! All the best in 2020!