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In the past six years, I have drawn four Chinese New Year pictures, which are in the year of the Monkey 2016, the Year of the Dog 2018, the year of the Ox 2021 and the Year of the Tiger 2022. By putting these four paintings side by side, I can clearly see my progress in composition, use of colour and detail richness. As an artist, I'm very happy and proud of that.

The Year of The Tiger has officially begun, and I will continue to challenge new heights of artistic creation through my persistent efforts!

Thank you for your support, wish you a fantastic Year of The Tiger!

P.S. Me myself, my lovely partner and our two super cute kitten sisters have always been the inspiration for the creation of my Chinese New Year Pictures.

Happy Year of the Tiger! Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I want to bring my newest illustration work "Cantonese Opera Troupe of The Tiger Sisters" to wish everyone a fantastic Year of the Tiger, may health and strength always be with you!


我想抱抱你们,可爱的人儿。❤️ 二零二零年二月绘于中国广州。


诚心祝愿患者快快康复,愿一线医护人员,还有所有为维护公众卫生健康而尽责尽力不眠不休的后方支援人们平安幸福。🙏 因为有你们,在这至暗的时刻我们才能看见一丝曙光和希望,衷心地感谢你们。