Full name

Momo Meng/ Yun Meng


Concept Artist, Illustrator, Graphic designer


Guangzhou, China


Creative,childish,passionate. Yep, this is me! Too simple? Well, my works speak for me, so who need the blah blah :D


Chinese concept artist Momo Meng uses her imaginative, vibrant and massively detailed works to capture her wild imagination and emotions. Each piece of her art speaks a piece of her and the world she sees: Happiness, hope, humor, sorrow, anger, rage, darkness… They’ve all been recorded to never slip away. Momo enjoys sketching down ideas on paper and finishing them digitally. Photoshop and CorelDraw are her favorite tools. With an urban design background, her works are creative with a rigorous sense of spatial perspective. Momo holds a B.Eng. Urban Planning and Design from Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou City, China.

Artist Statement:

Emotions are not like memories. Memories last, emotions fade away rapidly. You can easily recall images of a significant moment in your life, but you barely can experience the same emotion twice again. That’s why I capture emotions in my art, brightness or darkness, they all leave marks.

I wish you are the one who are willing to see the world through my eyes, and resonate with my emotions through my art. Thanks a lot for viewing ;)

Portfolio: http://www.momomeng.com/
Email: nikklemomo@gmail.com



Sun Yat-sen University

Guangzhou, China ·

B.Eng. Urban planning and design, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou City, China.


Photoshop, coreldraw, 3ds Max, Drawing, Painting


Concept art, Illustration, Graphic design

2018 Parallax Art Fair (Group), Sachas Hotel, Manchester, UK
2017 Parallax Art Fair (Group), Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, UK
2012 Art Below Poster exhibition (Group), London Green Park Station & London Hospital Club, London, UK
2011 Art Below Poster exhibition (Group), London underground Chalk Farm Station, London, UK
2011 Belgium Festival (Group), Canton tower, Guangzhou, China
2006 X2010 Creative Camp Finalists (Group), Guangzhou International Design Week 2006, Guangzhou, China
2006 “What is Art?” campaign (Group), Guangzhou Grandview mall, Guangzhou, China
2019 Selected Artist for group exhibition “Stranger than Fiction” , LoosenArt
“Stranger than Fiction” exhibition will be held in date 24 May – 4 June 2019 in Rome city.
2018 Published in Parallax Art Fair Manchester November 2018 Catalogue , Parallax Art Fair
2018 Finalist Award , Honor 10 Global Theme Design Contest
2017 Selected Artist for publication , Circle Foundation for the Arts
Artwork “Split” has been selected for publication in the Fall 2017 issue of CIRCLE Quarterly Art Review Magazine.
2017 Published in Parallax Art Fair February 2017 Catalogue , Parallax Art Fair
My work “Split” was published in Parallax Art Fair February 2017 Catalogue
2011 Jury Prize 2 , MINI Space Sight & Sounds Design Competition
(2010) Illustration " Meet your master" won Jury Prize 2 on the MINI Space Sight & Sounds Design Competition.
2010 Qualify for promotion , The 3rd China international comics festival
“Boxes of life” were qualify for promotion during the 7th Golden Dragon Award
2006 Finalist , “Guangzhou International Design Week 2006”
(2006) “The Bubble City” was exhibited as the top 3 finalist of “X2010 Creative Camp”
2006 Excellent artist works , The British Council in Guangzhou
(2006) “Childish Ecstasy” series works were chosen as excellent artist works being exhibited on the “What is Art?” campaign
2006 Second prize of “Life scientific cartoon competition” , British embassy culture and education section&Sina
Competition was sponsored by the British embassy culture and education section and Sina.com
2005 Third prize of cartoon generation competition , Guangzhou Daily
(2005) Third prize on “Guangzhou Daily cartoon generation competition.
2005 Most creative, largest amount, best life style ideas awards , M-Zone
(2005) Obtained three awards in “10 Yuan lives creativity competition” which was sponsored by M-Zone