WooHoo! My theme design “Wild and Beautiful” is globally online now! If you, your family or friends use HUAWEI phones, simply go to HUAWEI theme store, search “Momo Meng” or “Wild and Beautiful”, you can immediately enjoy Ms.Piggy and her friends‘ crazy adventures. Even better, it’s free now.

Drew more than 130 icons, plus the time investment I put into my original illustration story “Happily ever after”, “Wild and Beautiful” is quite a big project to be honest.

“Why for free?” A friend asked me.

Well, first of all, I want to expand my skill set, and now I’ve reached that goal.

Secondly, I just enjoy facing the cute interface on my phone everyday, and want to share that joy to as many people as possible.

Third, “Wild and Beautiful” is still a “baby”, I plan to mature it in the future, so grow with me over time.

Hope you enjoy this design, and spread the word out. Thanks a lot for your support!