Po's Matchmaking Event

I created " Po's Matchmaking Event" for joining the activity called "Create art capturing Po's journey home for Kung Fu Panda 3". It's not been selected at the end, but I did have a lot of fun while creating this piece, and I love it very much. And that's the reason I present this work here, wish you guys enjoy it too.

Here's the intro of my " Po's Matchmaking Event":

Matchmaking culture has existed in China since the ancient time. As Po the stud coming home, all panda girls are boiling up for his hotness, a matchmaking event dedicated for Po is unstoppable.

Hosted by MeiPo (a Chinese female matchmaker with a big mole), panda girls coming in all shapes and looks are fighting for Po's attention. A Kungfu girl panda with a lovely meat bun on her head successfully catches Po's eyes, even the MeiPo is giving a go thumb.

Ah,this sound like the beginning of a beautiful story.

Meow meow meow

It's meow time, let's enjoy~

Yoga Masker is a small girl who love putting on beauty mask while practicing Yoga.She has a great sense of humor, she’s passionate about life, she’s always happy and full of joy :)

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Btw, I found " true blood" really cool!

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