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I highly recommend you to watch CGTN's Xinjiang anti-terrorism documentary series. This documentary series profoundly exposes the harm of religious extremist ideology, as well as the internal and external challenges Xinjiang anti-terrorism is facing. 

It is the consensus of every country in the world to protect people's lives, resolutely fight against terrorism and ensure that terrorism has no place in the world.

China government has made great efforts to safeguard regional stability, prosperity and development of Xinjiang and the safety of its people. The establishment of vocational training and education centers is one of the important measures. By equipping the people of Xinjiang with the knowledge and skills to make a living, it protects them from extremist ideology, improves their living standards and greatly increases their happiness. In the past four years, there has not been a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang, and the people in Xinjiang live a stable, safe and happy life. This is the direct proof that the anti-terrorism work in Xinjiang is successful and on the right track.

The West is well aware of this, yet it repeatedly fabricates lies about the so-called "human rights issue" in Xinjiang, and even defames the vocational education and training centers as "concentration camps" and our poverty alleviation programs as "forced labor." It publishes all kinds of disgusting, shameful and false news. This is a grave insult to the people of Xinjiang, to those who give their hearts and lives working on the frontline of counter-terrorism, and to the 1.4 billion Chinese people. We will never allow these shameless acts to defile our divine and beautiful Xinjiang, our great motherland and the pure and kind-hearted Chinese people of all nationalities.

A word of advice to the west, stop your bullshit lies about our Xinjiang, if you really care about human rights, take a look in the mirror at the minorities in your own countries and those who "can't breathe".