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So amazing to see my works and my thoughts being featured on the 2020 June issue of OX MAGAZINE and Oxford International Art Fair 2021 Report.

Thank you so much OX Magazine, Global Art Agency, Oxford Art Fair 2021
and lovely Ms. Sarah Pracey for these awesome opportunities! I'm extremely grateful for your help, you guys rock!

I'm working on a very interesting new project, it carries massive amount of details and information, hopefully I could unveil it shortly.

Okay, visit links below to check out my features and my little interview, enjoy and thank you!

真开心,昨天收到消息我的一篇采访在牛津的OX MAGAZINE六月份杂志上作为精选艺术人进行了刊载。三月时我的一幅作品也在牛津国际艺术展前瞻新闻里被精选推荐,我自己到现在才知道,哈哈哈。可以在以下网页看到详细的采访内容: